Diabetes Zone


17 March 2020

8:45 AM -
9:30 AM

Increasing numbers of people are being diagnosis with type 2 diabetes every day in general practice. The language used at diagnosis can influence how individuals react and live with their diagnosis going forward. Additionally the opportunities for remission of type 2 diabetes are key to explore and discuss at diagnosis to offer support for people.

Can diabetic foot problems be prevented?

What part do we play in assessing the foot, recognising risk and identifying problems?

How can we ensure appropriate management for those with greatest risk?

Who else needs to be involved?

People diagnosed with any form of diabetes need an individualised approach, using language that matters and supports individualised approaches to enable people to access self-management knowledge through a variety of resources to enable the skills for living well with diabetes. Self-care management needs to be person-centred and supported with people living with diabetes.

Diabetes can be a really difficult condition to live with, especially when it arrived uninvited into an individual’s life and experiences. Working with people living with diabetes experiencing the co-morbidities of their condition needs a understanding and accommodating approach to support their emotional health and enable person-centred evidence based effective care going forward.

3:30 PM -
4:30 PM